The development of New Orleans Hornets in 21st century

2010-11 season, December 14, 2011, headed star Chris Paul deal to join the Los Angeles Clippers, the Hornets in exchange for Eric Gordon, Al – Faroo Aminu and grams Reese Kaman and two first-round draft picks and a second-round draft pick. The final Hornets NBA Jerseys Australia to seventh in the West into the playoffs, the first round of the face of the defending champion Lakers, the Hornets lost to 2-4.

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In April 2012, the NFL saint boss Tom Benson bought the NBA-hosted Hornets, while Benson’s purchase of the Hornets was $ 388 million, and since the 2010 Hornets founder George Xin hands to buy the Hornets, has been looking for a new boss, the purpose is to stay in New Orleans Hornets cheap jerseys online, the final offer by Benson successful acquisition. But in the 2011-12 season, the team’s score is only 21 wins and 45 losses, ranked half of the league’s last one, the team score of only 5916 points throughout the season, is the league’s penultimate second.

2012-13 season, the team officially changed its name to the pelican team’s last season, in the regular season results for the 27 wins and 55 losses, although compared with the 2011-12 season to improve the six wins, but the team only in the league Of the fourteenth, again missed the playoffs.

In January 2013, just bought the team’s boss Tom Benson changed the team name to the New Orleans Pelican team wholesale jerseys australia, and through the approval of the NBA, in the 2013-14 season changed its name. April 19, 2013, the Hornets after the last game, the team has officially changed its name to the New Orleans Pelican team, followed by the lottery lottery ceremony will be the pelican team to participate in the first major NBA events. In this season, the team’s record is only 27 wins and 55 losses, ranked second in the west, only better than the Suns 25 wins and 57 losses