Some Classic Games of Houston Rockets NBA Games by Fans in Australia

Formerly known as the houston Rockets nba jerseys in Australia is one of the NBA founding team,

After joining the NBA in 1974 changed its name to the gold block team, because the 19th century, the United States on the western development, had found in houston gold mine was renamed the gold team.

In the 1967-68 season, the houston Rockets appeared in the ABA league. In the October 15, 1967, the team played the first professional game, and eventually to 110-105 beat Anaheim friends team. In the lead coach Bob Bass led the team in the season made a record of 45 wins and 33 losses into the playoffs, but in 1968 ABA’s first round of the playoffs cheap nba jerseys australia by the New Orleans Pirates beat.

classic nba jerseys australia
classic nba jerseys australia

1968-69 season, the houston Rockets second season record is 44 wins and 34 losses tracy mcgrady nba jerseys, ranked third in the West, the final semi-final in the division in the first seven games lost Auckland Oak team

1969-70 season, the team signed the second year of Detroit University Spencer Haywood. In this season, as a rookie of Haywood gave NBA history one of the greatest single season performance. On November 13, 1969, Haywood offered 31 rebounds against Kentucky Colonel team to create a team history and remained in 1990. Haywood scored 59 points in the race against the Los Angeles star team at 152-116, the highest score in the team’s ABA period, and second only to David Thompson’s 73 points in the history of the team Bit. 1969-70 season, Haywood averaged 30 points and 19.5 rebounds, as the All-Star Game MVP, and get the best rookie and MVP. Haywood excellent play to help the team get the 1969-70 season ABA Union West best record. In the first round of the ABA league playoff victory over the Washington Capitol team, but in the partition finals lost to the Los Angeles star team.